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Ayurvedic Asavas

Medicinal plants

The unique nature of our products is achieved through the "Ayurvedic Asava" dosage form

Nutrition & Beyond

Herbs are divine creations containing the ingredients necessary to sustain perfect health and long life, providing holistic nourishment for body, mind and spirit.

Mother Nature's garden includes thousands of plants and herbs with unique natural combinations of phytochemicals that are both technologically and economically quite challenging to replicate. The beneficial properties of several plants and herbs are scientifically ascertained by modern research all over the world.

Our product development efforts are directed towards healthier living through identification of potential plants and herbs from the global wealth of knowledge of Ayurvedic, herbal and ethnomedicinal practices.

Our goal is to utilize appropriate technologies that can bring the unique natural combinations of phytochemicals in a convenient dosage form.

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