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Women's Health

A holistic approach to the feminine with best supplement for women’s health

The human body, both male and female is no doubt an incredibly complex system, but the complexity of the female reproductive system is quite intriguing. The female body undergoes major changes with respect to the reproductive system at puberty, pregnancy, and menopause and it is critical to take care of this extraordinarily complex mechanism that is so deeply connected not only to overall physical health but also to the emotional health and well-being of a woman.


The menstrual cycle is a vital aspect of women’s health. Ayurveda offers a unique perspective at women’s health by carefully examining different lifestyle factors that can impact menstruation in healthy women, and it also suggests women’s dietary supplements that can help regulate the menstrual cycle and minimize pre-menstrual symptoms.


Mimosa pudica is known in Ayurveda to be the best supplement for women’s health as it supports the menstrual cycle by maintaining healthy menstruation channels called Artava Vaha Strotas. Imbalances in the 3 doshas of vata, pitta and kapha can create blockages of the menstruation channels which might manifest as menstrual or menopausal difficulties in healthy women.


Check out biosvdsupplement’s best supplement for women’s health made with Mimosa pudica whole plant as the principal ingredient. Our fermented Mimosa pudica supplement is a source of diverse naturally occurring micro-organisms and it contains no chemical preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

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