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Benefits of Asava Dosage Form

'Asava' is a self-fermented, palatable liquid formulation considered one of the most effective dosage forms of Ayurveda,

in practice for thousands of years.

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In addition to being a liquid dosage form, an Asava offers several benefits of fermentation. Some of them are listed below:

  • Fermentation removes most of the undesirable sugars from plant material, makes the products more bioavailable and eliminates side effects such as gas and bloating.

  • Fermentation extracts a wider range of phytochemicals from the herb than any extraction method since the menstruum undergoes a gradient of rising alcohol levels.

  • Yeast cell walls are negatively charged and can naturally bind heavy metals, thus, act as a natural cleansing system for the asava manufacturing process.

  • Not only does fermentation remove contaminants, it can also lower antinutritional and toxic components that naturally occur in plants.

  • Fermentation actively ruptures plant cells, exposing them to the solvent, and bacterial enzymes break down cell walls to further assist in the leaching process. Fermentation also creates an active transport system that moves the dissolved constituents from the herbal material to the solvent.



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